Balefire Marketing + Advertising is a traditional & digital advertising agency in Wichita, KS with decades of combined experience across all verticals.

We have never had so many places and platforms to advertise your brand on. It’s an exciting time for local agencies like us, but we know it’s overwhelming for people like you who are trying to figure out where you should be advertising.

Digital Advertising

in a nutshell

Simply put, digital advertising is anything place online. As a culture, we spend our time on our devices browsing websites, search, apps, and social media platforms. Digital advertising reaches your customers where ever they are online. With digital advertising’s ability to narrowly target an audience, we’re able to show trackable ROIs with scalable results.

Using platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, we can advertise your products and services to your ideal target audience. We can target specific keywords or specific websites and apps your customers are using. We can target their interests and locations. We can show ads for your business to people who have already visited your website.

Traditional Advertising

is still a thing

If you’re hearing that newspaper is dead, no one watches TV, and everyone ignores magazine ads, we’d say your source of advice is wrong. Walk away from that form of negativity.

Traditional advertising refers to TV commercials, Radio spots, print ads, billboards, and other forms of “non-digital” advertising. They absolutely play a role if your strategic plan calls for it.

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