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Web analytics

At Balefire Marketing + Advertising, we believe in using our clients’ budgets efficiently. We do this by targeting the right demographics regardless of the media. We use analytics to create a powerful mix of online marketing, local search & display advertising, local billboards, and traditional print will win you new customers over and over again.

How Can Web Analytics Help?

Data highlights website visitor behaviors and trends. It’s raw data and numbers that tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and a whole slew of 3rd party analytics platforms can provide. Big data has never been more accessible. Analytics tells us not only the health and performance of a website or marketing campaign, but also where the true rewards may be lurking.

It takes a seasoned eye to interpret the data, though. You see, those numbers are people; your customers. We help our clients understand their data and consult on how to optimize their bottom lines.

Let’s go through a scenario of how an experienced marketing analyst at Balefire addresses a marketing challenge.


We have great website traffic, but we're not making any sales.


Great, let me take a look at the data.

[Sips coffee while analyzing data]

“Heres’ what I found: You get a seemingly healthy 9,500 visitors a month. You’re tracking sales conversions, which is great! I see that you average about 10 sales a month, which is about a 0.1% conversion rate. After doing some digging, it looks like 5,000 of those visitors are from overseas, and most of them are bots trying to exploit a weakness in one of the plugins you’re using. Another 1,500 visitors are coming from linking websites that have no real value to you. You’re real visitor count is closer to 3,000 per month, which means your real conversion rate is 0.3%.

We like to see that conversion rate at 5% or above. Digging further into the data shows that you have a big exit rate during the checkout process, and it’s even worse in Internet Explorer. After doing some testing, we discovered that you have a Javascript error that prevents many browser versions to block the checkout process. That seems to be your main problem.”

That is how we use web analytics to increase our clients’ conversions, sales, leads, and SEO.

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