Building a New Brand

by setting the foundation

Starting a new company or brand can be daunting.
We help create a smooth process.

Tiru Coffee branding

The most important thing you can do is surround yourself with a team of people and supporters who can usher you towards success. Let us explain why we should be part of your team.

Our Process

Our new clients never bring a marketing plan to the table, but they always bring passion and conviction for their idea. Rarely do they know where to go from there. Our branding process is designed show the world what you’ve become so passionate about: your new business.

We Get to Know You, the Person

We learn your history and how you got to this point. The new brand is rooted in your mind and soul, and we can’t effectively brand your new businesses without knowing who you are as a person.

We Get to Know Your Idea

Chances are, your new business is just an idea or a fledgling business trying to take hold. A brand is so much more than its products and services. We must find out what makes you different and better than your competitors.

We Get to Know Your Market

Speaking of competitors, we have to know what you’re up against. More importantly, we find out who your ideal customer is We perform deep research on them so that your brand properly stands out for that crowd.

Designing a Brand

from scratch

After the initial research is over, it’s time to start designing logos, fonts, and graphics that will resonate with your customers (and make your competitors envious). We prefer a very collaborative process where all decision makers are making decisions.

When this process is finished, you’ll have a logo that represents your brand to its fullest as well as a set of colors, fonts, and graphics to be used on all supporting pieces. Your brand will be comprehensive.


bringing out the best

Are you considering a rebrand?

Often, a business will change through acquisitions, new service offerings, or retired products. Sometimes, a logo doesn’t reflect those changes that have propelled a business forward. When that happens, a rebrand allows you to keep moving forward without dragging an anchor of history.

Change is a delicate process, and we don’t want to alienate or confuse existing patrons.

We treat our rebrand projects very similarly to a new brand project. We dig deep with our research and pay special attention to the brand equity your logo has amassed over the years.

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