Branding for

Tiru Coffee

Tiru Coffee imports premium coffee from Harrar, Yirgacheffe, and Sidamo Ethiopia. The coffee beans are specifically sourced to exemplify the flavor profiles of those regions.

The Challenge

Tiru Coffee was a new concept and brand. They needed a logo, packaging, and brand aesthetic that matched their desire to introduce their customers to truly premium, excellent coffee.
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The Solution

Balefire researched the regional colors, patterns, and cultural designs to form a visual vocabulary for us to use. We designed the logo, packaging, business cards, and website to give the brand an original feel. We sourced authentic Ethiopian props for the product photoshoot which was used in our post-launch advertising campaign.

The Results

Balefire Marketing + Advertising launched a new coffee brand with a unified aesthetic that is true to its Ethiopian roots. The coffee market is a $230 billion industry, and we're targeting a very niche segment of that market. With strategic content marketing, the website's SEO reached page 1 of Google for some of their keywords a few months after launch.