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Healthy Grocery Girl

Healthy Grocery Girl® is a nutrition services and video production company founded by Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietitian. Healthy Grocery Girl® helps busy people and families enjoy real food and natural living with weekly online videos and a wellness membership providing nutrition programs, video courses & meal plans.

The Challenge

Their primary business is to build and support a membership-based website for individuals and organizations and provide the tools they need to move to a more plant-based lifestyle. Healthy Grocery Girl’s previous website design did not reflect their ideal vision for their company. It also lacked the tools and integrations required to grow as their business grew. On top of reworking their website, they also wanted to rebrand themselves with a new logo to coincide with the launch.
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The Solution

First, we started with the logo. Healthy Grocery Girl’s core business model would still be that of a plant-based nutritionist, but they also wanted to provide photography and videography services under the same brand. In order to retain some brand equity during this process, we stuck with the original orange and grey color scheme. After several logo explorations, we landed on a mark that melds orange wedges and camera shutter blades that could be used with or without the Healthy Grocery Girl name radial. Balefire Marketing + Advertising then worked with the client to determine what they didn’t like about the site as well as what they did like so we could retain and enhance those functionalities. We also suggested and implemented new membership and ecommerce tools that better aligned with their business goals. We replaced some WordPress plugins with custom functionality so that the site performed as the client needed. The end result was a more modern website with layouts specifically designed to convert and on-board new members and to display their recipes in a much higher-end fashion. Since the website is very video and photography heavy, special consideration was given to caching and page loading speed.

The Results

The ROI on this project was nearly instantaneous. One month after launch, their paid memberships were up 18.5%. By the six month mark, their memberships were up 280% from launch because we designed the home page and membership landing page to educate and encourage signups which is maximizing the site’s conversion rates.
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