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Wichita, Kansas

Isodyne manufactures electrical backshells for the aerospace, marine, and over land industries for military, civilian, and commercial markets. Their patented technologies makes them a unique force in their market.

Wichita Web Design

The Challenge

Before partnering with Balefire, they were maintaining an aging website in-house. Isodyne wanted to not only freshen up the design, they also wanted the website to showcase their scope of work and perform better at lead acquisition.

    Project Scope

    We added over 15,000 products to an ecommerce platform and modified it to become an RFQ machine. By giving website visitors the ability to choose their product size for their aircraft and request a quote for a bulk order, Balefire provided a new sales channel Isodyne did not have before. SEO efforts increased their new visitor traffic by 88%. The new RFQ system has generated 100s of quotes and keeps their sales department busy. Combined with on-going Google Ads management, Isodyne’s online presence is comparable to competing businesses who are much larger and more established in their market.

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