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We specialize in custom WordPress design & development.

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Looking for a web designer who uses pre-built themes and frameworks? You won’t find them here. They just won’t fit your needs. Trust us on this one. Balefire approaches web design by first understanding your entire business.

Why Utilize Custom Web Design?

Easy. Custom web design and development provides the highest guarantee of success in achieving your sales & marketing goals. This is because the web design is specifically tailored to your business. It’s designed to convert a specific type of visitor, and it provides tools you need to manage your website without the hassle that comes with pre-designed themes. We specialize in custom WordPress design & development. 

Still with us? Good! Learn more about our website design process below.

Our Web Design Process

crafted from launching 100s of websites

Throughout this entire progress, we keep you up-to-date with constant communication.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

When we first meet to discuss your new web design, we’ll ask a lot of questions. A lot. We’ll explore aspects of your business and your goals that no one else will even consider asking. They might not seem related to the website, but they will be and help guide the site’s layout, communication style, and code features that we can bake into it.

Step 2: Proof Design

We’ll combine our extensive experience with the details from the initial meeting and design a website that elevates your brand. After a critique and some back-and-forth on revisions, the website is ready for development.

Step 3: Web Development

Our web developers will take control and code the website using modern technologies that load quickly and work on phones up to widescreen monitors. All our websites are mobile, responsive, progressively enhanced, and a bunch of other jargon you’ve heard. We take the extra step of baking in some SEO necessities and adding custom features to the WordPress admin area so that managing the website is more intuitive than stock WordPress.

Step 4: Launching Your Website

We work with your IT partners to launch the site as smoothly as possible while taking into considerations email routing and internal network issues. We’re always available post-launch for training and support.



Every member of the Balefire Marketing + Advertising team is a senior-level rockstar. We offer experience, efficiencies, and critical thinking skills that an entry-level team just doesn’t possess yet. This is how we’re different. This is how your website will stand out.


Not convinced yet? If you think your business can successfully be marketed by a designer who’s never met you, doesn’t understand your sales goals, and disregards your KPIs (key performance indicators), then check out the WordPress theme market for an easy solution.

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