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Wichita, Kansas

Nestled in the heart of Wichita, Kansas, lies Northridge Sand, a family-owned powerhouse transforming landscapes and projects since 1999. More than just a supplier of sand and gravel, Northridge is a trusted partner, delivering a vast array of aggregates for construction, landscaping, and more, all from their conveniently located plant in northwest Wichita. With an outdated website and no online visibility, they quickly called Balefire for help.

Northridge Sand Mobile Design

The Predicament

Northridge Sand knew their website wasn’t reflecting the strength and versatility of their operation. While their grounds brimmed with quality sand and gravel, their online presence felt like a dusty brochure stuck in the past. That’s why they brought in Balefire Marketing and Advertising, to create a fresh web design that was easy to use, showcased their products, and increased their rank on Google.

  • Outdated Website
  • Surface Level Content
  • No Product Descriptions
  • Not Found on Google
Northridge Sand Website Design

Project Scope

Northridge Sand didn’t just get a website update, they received a full excavation! Our team quickly jackhammered through the dusty old layout, replacing it with a fresh, modern website design that shimmered like freshly poured concrete. High-quality product photos replaced generic icons, showcasing the beauty and variety of Northridge’s offerings. Compelling photography brought their work to life, while new web copy told the story of their expertise and commitment to quality. Northridge’s online presence was no longer a forgotten afterthought, it was now at the doorstep of their competitors.

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  • Responsive Web Design
  • Fresh Web Copy
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • 1st Page Google Placement
  • Improved Page Speed
  • Photography & Video
  • Automated Quoting System
  • Materials Calculator

Project Results

Northridge Sand’s website redesign unleashed a digital gold rush! Traffic surged nearly 200%, catapulting them to the top of Google searches for “Wichita sand and gravel”, and leads increased nearly 300%! Their sleek, user-friendly website became a magnet for builders searching online for their extensive offerings and expertise. From increased leads to booming sales, their online transformation laid the foundation for a bright future.